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According to Colonel Turki Abdel Rahman Bin Faris, Director of the Command and Control Centre at the General Department of Operations in Dubai Police, the centre also received 21,378 electronic emails with a response rate of 99.9%. Image Credit: Dubai Media Office

DUBAI: How can I pay my traffic fine? How can I submit feedback or suggestions to Dubai Police? What if I have questions about home security? How can I guide a tourist to file a complaint or receive assistance from the police?

Dubai Police’s non-emergency hotline – 901 – can answer all your questions and doubts, from traffic services to issuing a night work permit or traffic clearance certificate. No matter how minuscule the issue or strange the question is, 901 will guide you through the process and facilitate your request.

But first, here is why you should know the difference between the 999 emergency hotline number and the 901 non-emergency hotline.

According to data released by Dubai Police, in 2018, 70 per cent of the calls received by the police on the 999 hotline were, in fact, non-emergency inquiries. So, instead of holding up the emergency line 999, residents and visitors are advised to call 901, to alleviate the pressure off emergency responders. Misuse of the 999 hotline overburdens the system, and prevents an emergency caller from responding and attending to a distressed caller, as per the official statement issued by Dubai Police earlier this year, when they encouraged people to use the 901 hotline.

How does 901 work?

Here are the categories under 901 and how to access them:

When you call 901, dial 1 for Arabic and 2 for English.

For Customer care

Dial : 2 -> 1 -> 0

Customer care will answer any inquiry relating to suggestions, feedback, and technical help and support.

We Are All Police service

Dial 2 -> 5 -> 1

This service enables the public to report traffic violations committed on Dubai roads.


Dial: 2 -> 3 -> 4

Through CID, visitors can access Dubai Police’s Tourist Police wing for assistance, complaints, or ask questions. Residents and citizens can also report acts of begging and cybercrimes.


Dial: 2 -> 4 -> 2

Dubai residents can get in touch with the Dubai Police’s Anti-Narcotics department to report drug abuse related crimes and also avail information about rehabilitation programmes.

Feedback and complaints

Dial: 2 -> 6 -> 1

Through this service, the public can submit feedback and complaints related to the Dubai Women and Child abuse hotline.

For technical support

Dial: 2 -> 7 -> 1

Providing technical support for services offered by Dubai Police apps and website.

What are the services available on the 901 hotline?

There are, in total, 33 services provided by the 901 non-emergency line. They are:

Criminal services

• Security Consulting Service – Residents and citizens can ask questions pertaining to security.

• Report a bounced check

• Notification of non-payment

• Request a warranty replacement

• Request for extradition

• Found Receipt Request

Traffic Services

• Request a traffic accident report without injuries

• Report an unknown accident

• Issue a replacement for a lost traffic accident report

• Request payment of traffic fines

• Request inquiry of traffic fines

• Request a copy of the traffic violations documents

• Request to pay traffic violations in instalments

Certification Service

• Request for a criminal case investigation certificate

• Request a Traffic Status Search Certificate - this service enables customers to obtain a certificate that shows the traffic status since obtaining a driver's licence. This includes; precedents, traffic points, major or minor accidents and if the customer was the offender or the offended.

• Lost item Certificate - customers can issue certificate of loss for any type of documents, certificates, vehicle plate number, cash, and material objects.

• Clearance certificate for traffic violations - this service is for customers who have paid all their pending traffic fines and want to obtain a clearance letter.

• Whom it may concern certificate

• Request to release a vehicle

• Request for payment of vehicle reservation allowance

• Smart booking request

Permit Services

• Request a burial permit for a corpse

• Request for a corpse deportation permit

• Corpse entry permit: This service allows customers to complete the proceedings of clearing deceased citizens and residents, who died abroad, and hand them over to their relatives.

• Apply for a night work permit

• Request a visit an inmate

• Suspended visit request

Community services

• Requesting care for victims of human trafficking crimes

• Request protection and support for women and children victims of violence, abuse and neglect

• Submit labour complaints

• Housing insurance application

• Request to destroy explosives, ammunition and fireworks - companies manufacturing explosives and fireworks here can request disposal of expired explosive, ammunition and fireworks.

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