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Dubai Police 'On the Go' intiative: You can now access the 'Police Eye' and 'eCrime' services through the nearest petrol station. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai Police just made reporting fraud easier. You can now file a cybercrime case or report suspicious activity directly at participating petrol stations across Dubai. No need to visit a police station or use the app!

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Dubai Police announced the new service on Monday through their official X account (formerly known as Twitter).

According to Dubai Police, the eCrime and Police Eye services have now been added to the 'On the Go' initiative, which allows people to file police reports for some cases at petrol stations around the Emirate.

What is the ‘On the Go’ initiative?

The ‘On the Go’ service has existed since 2017 and it helps motorists clear formalities related to minor accidents, insurance claims, and lost and found items at petrol stations. The process is fast-tracked and completed within minutes, by petrol station staff trained by police.

In 2023, the service helped nearly 1,000 motorists in Dubai with cases related to hit and runs, and lost and found reports.

Where is it available?

The ‘On the Go’ service is available at the following petrol stations:
• Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)
• Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
• Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat)

Report online fraud and cybercrimes: How do I file a Dubai Police eCrime report?

According to Dubai Police’s announcement, the team at the petrol station will assist you in submitting your report.

You will be required to fill out an online form with the details of the cybercrime. It is important to note that you can report crimes that occurred within the geographical scope of Dubai.

Required details for submitting an eCrime report with Dubai Police:
• Your contact details – mobile number and email address.
• Emirates ID or passport number.
• Address.
• Details of the complaint and what your relation is with the accused (if any).

You also have the option to enter the details of the accused person, like their name, nationality and if they are present in the UAE. You can also provide supporting attachments in the online form.

Once that is completed, the report will be filed and submitted to Dubai Police.

Report suspicious activity: How to use the ‘Police Eye’ service

If you have witnessed any illegal or suspicious activity around you, you can use the ‘Police Eye’ service to report it to Dubai Police. The types of crimes that can be reported through the service are public disturbances, vandalism, human trafficking, crimes against women and children, begging, or traffic violations like speeding or illegal racing.

The service also requires you to fill out a form with details on the type of illegal activity. You will be asked to enter details of the incident, along with the location where the incident happened and you have the option to add any supporting images or videos to the online form.

The ‘On-the-Go’ initiative allows motorists to report minor traffic accidents or ‘unknown traffic accidents’ at petrol stations in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied.

Faster accident reports: File a traffic report and get your car repaired at a petrol station

As part of the ‘On the Go initiative’ you can also report a car accident at an ENOC petrol station and even get the damaged vehicle repaired.

The staff at the stations receive the motorist’s driving licence, vehicle registration and insurance certificate. Then, take pictures of the vehicle damage and issue the accident report, which is needed to process the insurance claim.

Once you have filed the report at the station, you can also use the repair services at the AutoPro Car Services located in ENOC stations.

Cost - according to Dubai Police, the cost for filing the report and getting the car repaired is Dh150. However, the service is free for seniors, People of Determination and pregnant women.