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Motorists in the UAE now have the option to get vehicle repair work done, after they have filed a minor accident report at a petrol station. Picture for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Got into a car accident? You can head to the nearest ENOC petrol station to file a report and, now, even get your damaged vehicle repaired.

As part of the latest phase of Dubai Police’s ‘On the Go’ service, motorists now have the option to get vehicle repair work done – sometimes for free – after they complete the paperwork related to the accident at the petrol station.

This is the fifth phase of Dubai Police’s ongoing service, which was announced on Friday, June 16. Here is how you can use the service.

How to file an accident report at a petrol station

At ENOC stations, you can only file a minor accident report, where no one is hurt, or report an accident against an unknown party.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the nearest ENOC station in Dubai, and visit the AutoPro Car Service and Car Repair Centre to obtain an accident report from an employee.
2. The employee will take a picture of the damage.
3. Once you have filled the form with your vehicle details like plate number, driving licence number, and mobile number, the report will be filed and submitted to Dubai Police.

How to get your car repaired

After the report has been filed, you can use the new repair service. AutoPro will take your damaged vehicle to an authorised workshop. Once the vehicle is repaired, it will then transported to your place of residence.

Documents required for the repair work

According to Dubai Police, to get your car repaired, you must submit the following details to AutoPro:

• Accident report
• Copy of Emirates ID
• Copy of vehicle licence
• Copy of the driving licence


According to Dubai Police the repair work is free for seniors, People of Determination and pregnant women.

Other categories will have to pay a fee of Dh150.