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10th edition of Sharjah light festival, Sharjah Grand Mosque. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Thulasi Krishnan/Gulf News reader

Dubai: Experience Sharjah in a dazzling new light! From February 7 to 18, the emirate's iconic landmarks will transform with stunning illuminated displays at the 13th Sharjah Light Festival.

Enjoy the light shows daily from 6pm to 11pm on Sundays to Wednesdays, and extended hours until midnight on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Explore 12 mesmerising locations:

Sharjah Police Headquarters – Luminous Guardians

Location: Sharjah Police Headquarters
Located in Al Rahmaniya Suburb – Mezairah. You reach the exhibition by taking Emirates Road (E611) and following signs for Sharjah. Take the exit towards Al Sajaa Police Station and then take Route 145.

Al Noor Mosque – Enchanted Dimensions

Location: Al Noor Mosque
Located at the Al Majaz Waterfront, you can reach the mosque by taking the Corniche Street (S110). You will find the service lane for the mosque to your right, after you cross the Al Nakheel Oasis park.

Sharjah Mosque - A Sublime Canvas

Location: Sharjah Mosque
Sharjah Mosque is located at the intersection of two highways – Emirates Road (E611) and Sharjah-Kalba Road (E102, which takes the road number S116 in Sharjah). When driving down E611, in the direction of Dubai to Sharjah, you will find the mosque to your right, after you cross the Khawaneej Camel racetrack.

The show will feature three dimensional mapping created in a sequence of vivid, stylised architectural projections that illuminate the façades and minaret of the mosque.

Beeah Headquarters - Reflecting on the Circle of life

Location: Beeah Headquarters

Al Hamriyah New General Souk - The past meets the future

Location: Al Hamriyah New General Souk

The light show incorporates elements of the UAE’s heritage combined with modern technology, producing a 3D video mapping dynamic show.

Al Majaz Waterfront - Waves of Reflection

Location: Al Majaz Waterfront
Corniche Street (S110).

‘Waves of Reflection’ is a kinetic lights installation nestled in the heart of Al Majaz Waterfront, offering a view of the city of Sharjah.

Khalid Lagoon - Radiant Illuminations

Location: Khalid Lagoon
You can find the installation stretching from the Al Noor Mosque up to the Al Qasba Canal entrance.

Al Dhaid Fort - Echoes of Al Dhaid

Location: Al Dhaid Fort
You can reach the fort by taking the Al Dhaid Road (E88). The fort is at the end of this road to your left when you reach the Al Dhaid Mall roundabout.

The ‘Echoes of Al Dhaid’ light exhibition retells the historical events of the fort through an interplay of light and shadow. It also incorporates traditional cultural elements, such as the ayyala and nasha'at dances.

Al Rafisah Dam - The Jewel of Rafisah Dam

Location: Al Rafisah Dam
To get to the light show, you would need to take the Khorfakkan Ring Road and follow signs for Al Rafisah Dam. You will find the light show location right before you reach the Hawd Al Bid’ah lake.

The video mapping show will reveal the ‘Queen of Swans’ show to the spectators, as 12 swans appear from the mountain to dance on the waters of Al Rafisah Dam.

Kalba Waterfront - Elemental Reflections

Location: Kalba Waterfront

This artwork at the Kalba Waterfront offers a captivating display of light and sound, which will reflect onto the sea.

Dibba Al Hisn City - A treasure trove of history

Location: Dibba Al Hisn city

The show will display key characteristics of Islamic art such as geometric design, vegetal patterns and ornaments through digital art.