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File picture of Emirates Transport school buses. Parents can now follow a link sent to them to register their children for a seat onboard. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Emirates Transport (ET), the largest provider of school transport services in the UAE, on Tuesday announced the launch of an online system to register students for the government school transport service for the coming academic year 2022/2023.

The system was officially launched by the sending of SMS messages to students’ parents, which include a registration link through a chatbot service on WhatsApp. Those wishing to register their children can follow a number of simple steps to add the data of students wishing to use the school bus services from ET. Parents of students who did not receive the SMS can call the toll-free number 8006006 to provide them with a link to the service.

Emirates Transport WhatsApp chatbot for registration to public school transport service
After the required data is collected, the request is analysed and reviewed and the most appropriate route to provide the service is selected Image Credit: Screengrab

Register by July end

Helal Abdul Qader Al Marzooqi, Student Registration Project Manager, ET, said: “The new system will identify the numbers and data of public school students wishing to avail school transport services, and will allow parents to register their children for this service between now and the end of July.

He added: “The introduction of the new system aims to enhance the customer’s experience with the school transport service through the development of digital services associated with school transport, by collecting student data and facilitating and organising the procedures for registering them in the government school transport service.”

Al Marzooqi said after the required data is collected, the request is analysed and reviewed and the most appropriate route to provide the service is selected according to the route improvement system, so that the student can then benefit from the service.

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Successful trial

He added that the launch of the system was preceded by the implementation of a comprehensive series of trials, to ensure the system is fully prepared to perform the required tasks in registering students in an efficient and accurate manner. He also stressed that the system is a supplementary channel for student registration, adding to the usual registration methods in coordination with school administrations.

The system’s launch will be accompanied by promotional campaigns including posters on school buses inviting parents to register their children, in addition to informational posts on Emirates Transport’s social media accounts.