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Abu Dhabi: A motorist in Abu Dhabi is facing legal action after he shared a video clip that shows him driving recklessly at speeds higher than 300km per hour.

In a social media alert, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) said the motorist had not only endangered his own life and those of other road users by his actions, but had also brazenly posted a clip of the violation.

Stock Abu Dhabi Judicial Department
Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

The clip, which was clearly filmed on a main Abu Dhabi street, had come to the attention of officials at the Public Prosecution, who had then hastened to identify and apprehend him. The young man had allegedly engaged in reckless driving to get more social media views, and judicial authorities said the violation was both irresponsible and an act of endangerment.


Article 348 of the Federal Penalties Act punishes anyone found intentionally endangering people’s lives, safety, health or freedom with a jail term, a fine, or both.

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In its alert, the ADJD also urged residents to be wary of their social media shares, adding that posts which can be viewed as promoting illegal and immoral acts can expose them to legal action.