Screengrab from the video shared by Abu Dhabi Police Image Credit: S

Abu Dhabi: A Dh800 fine will imposed on motorists for being inattentive to the road while driving, the Abu Dhabi Police has warned.

In a social media alert, the Police shared a video clip of an accident that occurred when the motorist became distracted while driving. The clip shows a white sedan nearly colliding with a minivan in front of it. At the last moment, the vehicle turns suddenly to avoid the collision, and veering away sharply, it crashes into the roadside fencing.

The Abu Dhabi Police has prreviously said that inattentive driving is ones of the main causes of traffic accidents in the emirate. Motorists become inattentive when they use handheld devices while driving, or take pictures, fix their makeup or hair, or even get engrossed in conversations with passengers onboard.

In addition to the Dh800 fine, four traffic black points are imposed on motorists found to be distracted while driving.