Abu Dhabi: A school bus driver’s permit has been withdrawn by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport for driving recklessly and endangering the life of a child, the Department announced in a statement sent on Tuesday.

According to the department, the driver nearly ran into a child who was trying to cross the road in Al Falah residential area. He had ignored the Stop sign used by the child’s schoolbus used to alert other motorists when a child is picked up or dropped off. On spotting any bus’ Stop sign, motorists must maintain a distance of five metres to ensure student safety.

In this case, the child had been dropped off by the schoolbus, and a Stop sign was put up as the child was crossing the road with the bus attendant. Another bus sped into the vicinity, but the child’s bus attendant acted quickly to save the child from being run over.

The Department also issued a warning to the employer of the bus driver whose permit has been withdrawn. The warning calls for the company to ensure that its staff comply with transport rules and regulations.

In addition, authorities have called upon all motorists to drive safely in order to ensure the safety of all road users.