Accident scene
Police have called on motorists to obey traffic rules and slow down on the road. Image used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Sharjah: Three Emiratis died and another one was injured in a road accident on Saturday evening on Emirates Road, Sharjah Police said on Sunday.

Police attributed the cause of the accident to speeding.

The Sharjah Police Central Operations Room received a report at 7.17pm on Saturday about an accident involving a four-wheel-drive vehicle on Emirates Road, travelling from Al Zubair Tunnel towards Bridge No.7.

What happened?

Immediately, all the specialised police teams and the National Ambulance moved to the site of the report. It emerged that the accident had occurred when the vehicle collided with the concrete barrier separating the two sides of the road, and with a light pole, resulting in the death of three citizens, and the serious injury of a fourth, who was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Police said it became clear through investigations that excessive speed and sudden swerving were the main reasons for this accident.

The Sharjah Police General Command called on drivers to adhere to traffic rules, reduce speed, pay attention to the road and exercise caution while driving.

The Sharjah Police General Command expressed its condolences to the families of the deceased. Police also expressed their wishes for a speedy recovery for the injured person.