Dangerous valleys, low-visibility and slippery road conditions may be expected as weathermen point to cloudy conditions set to prevail over some areas, especially western and coastal areas, with possible rain. File photo. Image Credit: X | NCM

Abu Dhabi: Drivers are urged to prioritise safe driving, avoid distractions and focus on the road during rainy weather expected in the coming days.

The Abu Dhabi Police General Command has emphasised adherence to specified speeds, maintaining safe distance and avoiding sudden braking.

The Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate also urged adherence to the specified speeds when the road speed reduction system is activated.

When turning during slippery road conditions, motorists are also advised to slow down significantly to avoid their vehicle from sliding, and pulling over if visibility is compromised.

In a statement posted on its website and social media, the force also warned of the dangers of reckless driving, drifting, risking lives by entering valleys, and flouting traffic laws.

The police reminded motorists that driving in rainy conditions requires adherence to measures to enhance safety for the driver and other road users by keeping the car windows clean to obtain a clear vision, maintaining the car’s front lights to improve visibility, and replacing old tyres with new ones to prevent slipping.

Stay away from valleys

The campaign stressed on the importance of staying away from valleys and places where water collects, avoid approaching power lines, open places and close to trees during rainfall, and adhering to safety instructions and guidelines in order to preserve everyone’s safety.

On Tuesday, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) stated that the UAE will be affected by a surface depression that extends from the southwest. The depression will bring humid south-easterly winds and the extension of an upper air trough of low pressure.

Specifically, NCM stated that on Wednesday, there will be partly cloudy to cloudy conditions over some areas, especially western and coastal areas, with possible rain, especially at night.