Sharjah: Workmates of an Indian elevator repairman who died on Friday while servicing a lift in a building in Sharjah had tried to save the victim but unfortunately failed, said Major Mohammad Al Naqbi, duty officer at Al Hira police station.

The 33-year-old victim, identified as Shajo.Sh.S., died following an accident while doing routine maintenance work at a residential building in Sharjah's Al Butaina area/

The victim was cleaning the doors of the elevator floor by floor when the accident happened, police said.

While on the third floor, the victim was inside the hoistway or the space through which an elevator cab goes up and down. He was caught off guard when the elevator cab suddenly fell, pinning him between the hoistway’s wall and the cab.

His workmates tried to pull him out for 40 minutes before reporting the incident to the police and civil defence operation room. By the time the police reached the scene, the victim was already dead.

The incident was reported to the police at 1.30pm. A team from Al Hira police station, headed by Major Al Naqbi, and civil defence workers opened the collapsed lift to pull out the deceased.

Police investigations revealed that the victim was working for a maintenance company and that he died while on duty.

The body was transferred to the forensic laboratory to determine the cause of death. Police are still investigating the cause of the elevator collapse.

Sharjah Police expressed regret over the incident. Police stressed the importance of reporting accidents to authorities as soon as possible and allowing trained officials to carry out rescue and recovery operations to prevent loss of lives.

Sharjah Police called on maintenance companies to follow safety measures in order to protect their employees and not put their lives at risk.