Brigadier General Salem Abdullah bin Barak Al Dhaheri (fifth from right), acting director-general of ADCDA, and on his right, Yusuf Ali M.A., chairman of LuLu Group International’s Board of Directors, at the MoU signing ceremony in the UAE capital Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority (ADCDA) and LuLu Group International - LuLu Hypermarket have joined forces to launch an awareness campaign for public safety.

ADCDA and LuLu have formalised this collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The partnership aims to impart awareness messages on the importance of adhering to safety precautions in the face of various risks and potential fire hazards.

Using a range of marketing channels and tools, these plans will disseminate information about safety procedures and techniques for handling injuries and fires, thereby mitigating their impact and averting potential hazards.

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Brigadier General Salem Abdullah bin Barak Al Dhaheri, acting director-general of ADCDA, said: “This collaboration reinforces our commitment to enhancing community awareness in conjunction with the private sector. Our aim is to activate community awareness programs that resonate with the Abu Dhabi Government’s visionary outlook and its strategic plan for 2030.”

He further emphasised that ADCDA’s support extends to all companies strategically operating within Abu Dhabi, with ongoing partnerships being inked across both public and private sectors to amplify community awareness and minimise risk factors and fire-related incidents.

Yusuf Ali M.A., chairman of LuLu Group International’s Board of Directors, expressed honour at being chosen as a partner by ADCDA. He said the collaboration marked a significant new phase between the two entities, encompassing various interrelated domains. The chairman added that LuLu Group is harnessing its resources and marketing prowess to amplify the mission of Abu Dhabi Civil Defence’s awareness drive.

Colonel Engineer Salim Hashim Al Habashi, the director of Public Safety Management at ADCDA, said: “Elevating community awareness is among our highest priorities. Our unwavering commitment involves extending full support and contribution towards heightening community safety. This partnership aligns with our vision to foster a secure and sustainable society. We are enthusiastic about conveying pivotal awareness messages and firmly believe that augmenting community awareness will significantly curtail risks and accidents arising from fire incidents.”