Food handling standards must be adhered to when preparing and selling food to non-Muslims during the day throughout Ramadan, according to the Sharjah Municipality. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah City Municipality has started issuing permits for preparing and selling food to non-Muslims during the day throughout Ramadan.

These permits apply to establishments in commercial centres, cafeterias, pastry shops and bakeries.

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Jamal Al Mazmi, Director of the Health Control and Safety Department, explained that the municipality issues permits to display food outside eateries in hygienic conditions.

According to the official, the following food handling conditions must be adhered to:

  • Food must be placed in stainless steel containers, or
  • Food must be displayed in an airtight glass box not less than 100cm high and equipped with a sliding or hinged door,
  • Food must be covered with aluminum foil, or transparent food-grade plastic, and
  • Food must be kept at an appropriate temperature (not refrigerated or frozen).

Permits can be applied for at Nasiriyah Centre, Permits Centre, Number One Centre, Municipality Centre 24, Speed and Accuracy Centre, Guidance Centre, Khalidiya Centre, Happiness Centre and Information Centre, branch 3.

As the Islamic world prepares for the holy month of Ramadan, astronomical calculations predict that the month of fasting will begin on March 11.