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The app's new version sends notifications such as the expiry date of documents and special offers. Image used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: The latest iteration of Abu Dhabi’s digital platform ‘Tamm’ has been launched by the Department of Government Enablement – Abu Dhabi (DGE), providing access to more than 700 services from 30-plus Abu Dhabi Government entities and many private sector providers.

According to the new update to Tamm, the platform provides 33 different services to customers within the scope of individual services related to identity, nationality, residencies and everything related to all types of visas and residency services, to make it easier for customers and complete all their services from a unified platform.

These include 23 services related to all residency transactions, five services related to citizenship transactions, and five other services related to identification documents.

All services explain the application steps from the beginning until the complete completion of the transaction.


The residency services include ‘The Journey to Obtain Golden Residency’, nomination for golden residency for residents of Abu Dhabi, issuing a residence visa for family members - a citizen sponsor, issuing a residence visa for family members - a resident sponsor, and modifying the residency status. Issuing a new residency and identity card, a residence permit for domestic workers, amending the employment contract for domestic workers, adjusting the status, and other related services.


The citizen services include opening a sponsorship file, issuing an Emirates ID for citizens, renewing an Emirates ID for citizens, issuing or renewing passports for citizens, and issuing a family book for married citizens.

The identification documents service ranges from managing birth certificates, managing birth notifications, requesting an exception for humanitarian cases, managing age estimation certificates, in addition to the service of verifying birth certificate information.

Timely notifications

The new version of the Tamm platform provides advance alerts regarding late payments and urgent issues that require the user’s attention or immediate action, such as the imminent expiration of the ID card or driver’s license, etc., in addition to notifying users of available discounts and promotions, which saves them time, money and effort. This is in addition to the ability to pay monthly service bills quickly and easily, with the live video chat feature, which allows customer service employees to help users complete their services.

More features

The new Tamm version includes features specifically designed to meet the needs of the elderly, people of determination, and investors, with the aim of enriching the experiences of all categories of customers and encouraging the adoption of smart digital solutions. This includes the care centre fleet for home support, the investor lounge, and the VIP Majlis, which reflects Abu Dhabi’s endeavor to achieve transformations.

Beyond government services

By building on strategic partnerships, Tamm’s offering extends beyond government services, with users able to access services from Etisalat, du, DARB, Salik, ADNOC, and more. The updated platform also includes a secure Payment Hub that enables users to pay many of their monthly bills simultaneously. Furthermore, Tamm now has a pioneering Live Video Chat feature. This allows agents to assist users remotely by navigating their app, enhancing both support and user interaction.