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Dubai: The Dubai Police ‘Sail Safely’ service has been a beacon of swift emergency response, answering 5,200 distress calls and sounding the alarm to thousands of registered users about treacherous sea conditions and imminent hazards.

This lifesaving initiative has emerged as a guardian of the waters, a dynamic force in the face of maritime emergencies. The tales of its successful interventions resonate with the pulse of urgency, narrating a saga of courage on the high seas.

Maritime safety

‘Sail Safely’ not only navigates the turbulent waters but also steers through the intricacies of maritime safety, leaving an indelible mark on Dubai’s seascape.

In a world where every distress call echoes a potential crisis, Brigadier Dr Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, director of the Ports Police Station in Dubai, told Gulf News that the number of owners and captains of marine crafts registered in the Sail Safely service has reached more than 5,000 users on both iOS and Android operating smartphones.

Brig Al Suwaidi stressed Dubai Police’s keenness on developing all provided services in all sectors, including the marine sector, by utilising the latest technologies and artificial intelligence systems to achieve the strategic objectives of Dubai Police of ensuring community happiness, enabling a safe city, and innovating in resource management.

He said that they have readied all marine rescue and security boats across eight maritime rescue points: Al Hamriya, Deira Port–Hyatt Regency, Dubai Creek–Al Maktoum Bridge, the Floating Bridge, Fishing Harbour 1- Jumeirah 1, Fishing Harbour 2 - Jumeirah 4, Fishing Harbour 3–Umm Suqeim, and Dubai Eye.

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Brigadier Dr Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, director of the Ports Police Station in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

What is Sail Safely?

Brig Al Suwaidi explained that Sail Safely service can track a cruise’s journey; warn users about any delays during the trip; identify hazards; send distress requests directly to the Dubai Police; facilitate rapid emergency response; determine the location of those in distress as well as the type and degree of distress severity.

“The service also provides users with free and easy access interactive marine maps. It also allows users to determine the emergency: drowning, collision, shortage of fuel, or boat malfunction,” he added.

Brig Al Suwaidi said Sail Safely ensures the jurisdiction area of the Ports Police Station is completely covered. He added that 99 per cent of the received emergency calls were within the scope of Sail Safely coverage and that it covers an area of seven nautical miles by 70 nautical miles along Dubai coasts.

He also urged owners of boats, ships and yachts to take advantage of the ‘Sail Safely’ service through the smart app of Dubai Police and to send their feedback and suggestions regarding the service directly through the app.

‘Sail Safely’ stands as a testament to Dubai Police’s commitment to safeguarding lives at sea with unwavering dedication and dramatic flair.

How to ‘Sail Safely’ App helps people at sea

• Tracks the cruise’s journey.

• Warns users about any delays during the trip.

• Identifies potential hazards during the trip.

• Sends distress requests from people directly to the Dubai Police

• Facilitates rapid emergency response.

• Determines the location of those in distress, along with identifying the type, degree, and severity of the distress call.

How to set up the ‘Sail Safely’ feature on Dubai Police app

• Download the Dubai Police app form the iOS or Google Play app store.

• Open the main menu and click on ‘Sail Safely’. It will be the first thing you see on the app.

• Next click the activation button

• Enter the data of your boat, yacht, and your personal information, such as name and number.

• After that, you will then receive an activation code via SMS.

• Enter the code onto ‘Sail Safely’.

• Once that is done, the ‘Sail Safely’ feature is now activated.

• If there is any emergency, click on the orange button with the telephone icon.