The scene of a crash on Shaikh Zayed Road that killed four members of a Yemeni family, including a nine-month-old infant. Image Credit: Courtesy: Traffic Public Prosecution

Dubai: A nine-month-old baby was among the four Yemenis killed in a horrific crash on Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai on Thursday night.

A Jordanian woman has been detained by Dubai Police following the incident, which happened ahead of the seventh interchange in the direction of Abu Dhabi, Senior Chief Prosecutor Salah Bu Farousha, Head of Dubai Traffic Public Prosecution (TPP), told Gulf News on Friday.

Bu Farousha said the SUV driven by the woman suffered a rear tyre failure and she stopped completely in the third lane from the left on Shaikh Zayed Road.

Witness said the woman exited her vehicle and tried to warn other drivers that her car had broken down. Meanwhile the car in which the four Yemeni victims were travelling crashed into the SUV, pushing it 40 metres into the right lane.

“Onsite investigations revealed that shortly before the crash, a motorist warned the Jordanian woman and advised her to remove her car because it was parked in a hazardous way,” Bu Farousha said.

“Pending investigations will reveal the primary and main cause behind the accident. Dubai Police’s mechanical experts will report to us on whether the woman’s car could have been pulled away from the road without having endangered the lives of others. We will also be expecting further technical reports about how the accident happened.”

The crash brings the number of deaths on the road to 11 since Ramadan began, which Bu Farousha said authorities are blaming on driver error.

“We have noticed that motorists tend to react wrongfully and/or dangerously… this is a very serious and hazardous indicator that many motorists do lack the knowledge of how to deal with their cars amidst road surprises,” he said.

The dead include the male driver, 34, his nine-month-old son, a 28-year-old woman and a 60-year-old passenger, while one person was critically injured in the crash which happened at 9.45pm.

“I’m dearly sorry for having lost that number of persons in the past few days,” Bu Farousha said.

“TPP’s interrogations have revealed that many motorists don’t know how to behave when they face surprising instances while driving.

“Motorists should constantly be alert and drive lawfully and cautiously. Children under the age of 10 should constantly be seated in their proper child seats in the back.

“Drivers should regularly check the mechanical status of their cars and whether they are safe to be driven.

“Motorists should also constantly check the validity and soundness of the tyres before driving. I sincerely urge all motorists and road user to respect and abide to the traffic laws and regulations.”

The crash was immediately reported to the Acting Attorney General Yousuf Al Mutawa, who directed that law enforcement procedures be implemented directly.

“The Jordanian woman has been detained and will be questioned over her involvement in the accident. TPP will also hear witnesses’ statements,” Bu Farousha said.

Traffic Prosecutor Rashid Al Ghamlasi inspected the scene in coordination with Dubai Police officers from Jebel Ali station.