Hamish Harding
Dubai-based British expat and Chairman of Action Aviation, Captain Hamish Harding Image Credit: AP

Dubai: Special messages and prayers are pouring in from UAE residents who are hoping for the rescue of Dubai-based British expat Captain Hamish Harding and four others aboard the Titan submersible that has gone missing off the Canadian coast.

Amina Ali Al Mheiri

Emirati entrepreneur Amina Ali Al Mheiri, an engineer who is the co-founder of Bait AlOmor Engineering Project Management, said: “I pray for Hamish Harding and the team onboard to be found. I am a deep sea diver myself... so I know how scary it can be [with limited] oxygen deep down in the dark world of ocean underneath. My heart hopes that the submersible is found in time before the oxygen runs out and the members on-board are returned to safety.”

Harding’s contributions

Mark Ryan

Canadian expat Mark Ryan, head specialist for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) at Raha International School, said: “As a concerned citizen and avid follower of advancements in science and technology, I write with deep apprehension about the unsettling disappearance of Hamish Harding, an influential figure in the field of STEM innovation. The sudden absence of such a prominent and visionary individual is cause for great concern, both within the scientific community and among the general public.”

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He said Harding’s contributions to the world of STEM are widely recognised and appreciated.

“His ground-breaking research and entrepreneurial endeavours have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in fields ranging from biotechnology to space exploration. Harding’s work has not only improved lives but also inspired countless aspiring scientists and students worldwide, including myself. In this trying time, it is crucial that the global community rallies together to support those connect to Hamish.”

Praising rescue efforts

Shraddha Barot Amariei

Indian exapt Shraddha Barot Amariei, chief inspiration officer at White Label Media, said she has been let down by the sad news of the missing submersible. “To see a fellow resident and human go missing this way has made me very sad. In fact, I was shocked when I heard the news at first. I share my heartfelt thoughts and send prayers for him and the other co-passengers."

"I hope the lord gives their family and friends strength during these difficult times. UAE residents will be delighted to hear the good news of their return. I also would like to commend the rescue team who are working round the clock to save the members on baard,” she added.

Adnan Waris

Pakistani expat and investment banker in Dubai, Adnan Waris, said: “I have followed Hamish Harding through his achievements and his success making him a multiple Guinness World Record holder. I hope, wish and join hands with support and prayers with their friends and families for the safety of all on-board.”

British expat Alan Douglas, who works as a director for a private company in Dubai, also hoped for a miracle.

Alan Douglas

“I recall a movie called the Abyss. And a miracle happens to the hero from the bottom of the ocean. Hamish Harding and his team are all heroes. Hope they are miraculously saved like in the movie Abyss. My prayer is for all to return to safety.”