Mohammad Fayaz JA 20191004
Mohammad Fayaz JA Image Credit: Supplied

At just 24, an Indian accountant has turned a multi-millionaire overnight - all thanks to his massive Big Ticket Dh12 million draw win.

Mohammad Fayaz JA's ticket number 059070 was picked up as the winner in the latest draw held on Thursday in the capital.

Speaking to Gulf News on Friday morning from Mumbai, India, the millennial sounded rather calm and composed for someone who had won such a huge jackpot. Of course besides the fact that we at Gulf News had to try his number several times before able to contact him as people have been calling him non-stop to congratulate him on his big win.

On the winning night as well, the organizers of the Big Ticket Draw had to call him several times before reaching him. His line was busy the first four times and he picked up on the fifth try.

Fayaz is said to have bought his winning ticket on September 30 via online and is sharing his ticket with his room-mates. “This is the sixth time I am buying the Big Ticket via online. It is almost a given that my roomies and I purchase the Big Ticket every month. “

He said the Dh12 million win translates to a massive Indian Rupees 23 crores. “We have not decided the breakdown as to who will get how much. But we all will get a big chunk of money for sure.”

Fayaz works as an accountant in Mumbai currently. He belongs to Mangalore, Karnataka in India. His parents are deceased and his family consists of an older brother, sister and younger sister.

“Definitely some part of the money will go for my family. I have but decided the amounts yet. My younger sister is studying so I would like to help her. Rest will go into savings. I don’t know if ever I will win such a massive amount again. Plus the economy in India could be passing through some challenging times. In times like this I want to safeguard this money to my best ability,” said Fayaz in a telephone call from Mumbai.