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From left: Mahzooz draw winners Shokrollah, Ashraf and Willie. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Willie, 57, a Filipino engineer residing in Dubai, was having his dinner when he suddenly started jumping in the kitchen after he found out that he had won Dh100,000 in the latest Mahzooz weekly draw in Dubai — the 61st draw.

Willie said he lost his job in July last year and was only doing part-time work. “The win came at a perfect time as I was struggling to make ends meet and cover my kids’ higher education back in the Philippines,” he said. Willie added: “I’ve been doing a part-time job after I lost my regular employment and it has been hard for me to meet even my own expenses. I even had to borrow money from my mother. So, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Mahzooz for changing my life. I have no words to express how happy I am!”

Securing kids’ education

It was not only Willie who was lucky. Iranian expatriate Shokrollah, 55, who works as an area manager, also won Dh100,000 from the draw. He said with great excitement: “I have been smiling non-stop since I woke up from my nap last Saturday, when my friend called and told me that I had won. In my 30 years in Dubai, I have never won anything. Now, this money has arrived just in time to help me pay for my son’s higher education and explore some investment opportunities.”

Not a dream

Dubai resident and Indian national Ashraf, 46, who works as an office assistant, is also now Dh100,000 richer. He too was having a nap when someone told him that he had won from the draw.

Ashraf said: “For a moment, I thought the phone call was a dream as I had just finished speaking to my family back home before falling asleep. This money will help me pay off half of my housing loan, which will be a huge financial relief as I have three young children and I want to give them the best education,” said Ashraf, adding: “I’m also planning to host a party for my colleagues to celebrate my win and encourage them to participate in Mahzooz.”

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Aside from the lucky three dads, the last Mahzooz draw also saw 33 winners sharing the Dh1 million second prize, taking home Dh30,303 each. The top prize of Dh10 million is still up for grabs.

How to join?

The next Mahzooz live draw will be held on Saturday, January 29, at 9pm (UAE time). Participants need to register on the Mahzooz app and on the website.