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From left: The three winners in the latest Mahzooz draw - Michael, Mubashir and Francois. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: For Pakistani national Mubashir, winning Dh100,000 from the latest Mahzooz raffle draw was the lifeline he was seeking after his business sunk because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m an electronics engineer who put my technical services business on hold and took up the job of an events security guard because of the economic backlash of COVID-19,” said the 38-year-old Dubai resident, adding: “Thanks to Mahzooz, the winnings will definitely help me revive my business.”

Looking back, Mubashir shared: “In June of 2021, I couldn’t afford my rent or my business’s licence renewal fees. Some days, the pain of not being employed would be unbearable. But thanks to God and Mahzooz, I can now restart my life and fulfil so many of my dreams. This win is the biggest surprise of my life.”

Mubashir will also use his prize to bring his elderly father over to Dubai for medical treatment. “My father had a workplace accident that left him unable to walk. Finding a way to give his life back to him is my dream.”

Hope and luck

The 60th Mahzooz weekly draw also transformed the lives of other winners and changed their perceptions about hope and luck. British expat Michael, 55, said about his win: “You never think it will be you! I was driving home to Abu Dhabi from Expo 2020 Dubai when the notification popped up. Once I reached home, I parked and checked my phone. I cheered and fist-pumped in celebration.”

The father of two, who is also a surgeon, has more celebrations scheduled, including buying himself a new road bike. But before that, he intends to donate a sizeable portion of his winnings to children’s cancer charities. “Children’s cancer is a cause close to our heart as a family because we’ve experienced it and know how vital it is to fund research and support families that are going through it. So, we’re keen on giving back to the less-fortunate instead of frivolous spending.”

Twice lucky

Abu Dhabi resident Francois, 41, who is originally from Lebanon, would have won the Dh10 million had he and his wife picked number 17. They, however, won the second-tier prize twice in last week’s draw by getting four out of the five winning numbers and brought home Dh55,554.

The 60th Mahzooz draw saw 34 winners share Dh1 million.

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Francois said: “Every week, my wife and I pick a line each, and she always picks the number 17, but she didn’t this week. Had she chosen 17, we would have matched five out of the five numbers and won the Dh10 million top prize. But winning twice in the same draw — I never believed I was that lucky and I will keep participating in Mahzooz.”

How to participate?

The next Mahzooz live draw will be held on Saturday, January 15, at 9pm (UAE time). Participants can register on the Mahzooz app or the website.