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Dubai Police Academy begins personal interviews for aspiring officiers. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Ever wondered what it takes to be an officer with the famed force of Dubai Police? Or how one can become a recruit?

Well, Dubai Police itself has explained the selection process for aspiring officer candidates. This was revealed when Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, supervised the initiation of personal interviews for the aspiring officer candidates.

The interviews for students hoping to join the 35th batch of the Dubai Police Academy were held at the Officers’ Club. The applicants included the eighth batch of female candidates.


The police chief’s visit was held in the presence of Major General Dr Saleh Abdullah Murad, director of the General Department of Human Resources at Dubai Police who is also the Head of the Personal Interview Committee, and Brigadier Dr Sultan Al Jamal, acting director of the Dubai Police Academy, along with other committee members.

Lieutenant General Al Marri was briefed on the selection process, criteria, and tests for Dubai Police Academy applicants, which meet global standards. The academy is known for producing highly efficient graduates who serve Dubai Police’s goals and aspirations.

List of requirements

Major General Dr Saleh Abdullah Murad explained the conditions for candidates wishing to join the Dubai Police Academy.

These include being a UAE citizen, having a high school certificate with a minimum grade of 75 per cent earned no more than two years ago.

The candidates must have good conduct and should never have been convicted of any felony or crime involving honour or honesty.

They must be at least 18 years old but should not be over 21. When it comes to physical fitness requirements, candidates must have a minimum height of 165 cm for males and 155 cm for females. They need to be physically fit and have completed the national and reserve service programme. Additionally, students should have achieved a score of 1100 or equivalent in the UAE Standard Test - English (Emsat Achieve), 500 in TOEFL, or 5 in IELTS.

Colonel Hamad Bin Dafous Al Mansouri, director of Selection and Recruitment, confirmed that the selection criteria for students wishing to join Dubai Police involve “successfully passing the smart tests” and “successfully passing the medical examinations”. He pointed out that those who wish to inquire about the details of the interviews can call Dubai Police Call Centre (901).

Benefits after enrolment

He added that several benefits are granted to the candidates after being accepted by Dubai Police, including a monthly reimbursement and receiving the “Esaad” privilege card, among other perks.

Al Marri praised the committee’s efforts to select the best cadets and graduates who can reflect the honourable image of police officers and contribute to achieving future aspirations.

Murad stated that the committee has started interviewing male and female students who meet the requirements to join the Dubai Police Academy.

“The academy is now a popular destination for young Emirati men and women seeking the highest level of education and specialised military training,” he said.

Al Marri was also acquainted with the services provided by the “Dubai Police HR HUB” for employees, such as housing, health insurance, and more.