Video Credit: GN Podcasts

In this episode, Ana D’Castro, a Dubai expat with a busy family life and a ton of important work commitments talks about how her condition often throws her carefully planned week into instant disarray, causing her to ‘let people down.’

Talking to Dr Alessandro Terruzzi, Head of Neurology Department at Mediclinic City Hospital and Clinical Lead and Head of Mediclinic Comprehensive Stroke Center, Ana urges listeners to understand migraine is not a normal headache. “This is really a chronic condition; it's very difficult to explain.”

In the vodcast, Dr Alessandro advises patients to talk openly about the disease and invite others where possible to help them manage attacks. “You have to explain to people in advance what you're going to go through,” says the medic. “They have to be supportive. Not trying to diminish your condition, not blaming you for what is going on – and then hopefully in a few hours you will be back as before,” he adds.

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