Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News Archives Photo Caption lead in A pharmacy shop in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Health authorities in Abu Dhabi have withdrawn two batches of dietary supplements for posing a threat to the public’s health.

In a statement issued recently to local Arabic media, the Abu Dhabi Health Authority announced that yellow and black spots were found on Ovacure food supplements batch numbers 61251 and 61663.

OvaCure is a dietary supplement with Myo-inositol D-Chiro-inositol and folic acid, which has been developed specifically for the regulation of ovarian function.


The supplements are approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health.  

“Health care practitioners should notify the Health Authority immediately if they receive cases of side effects resulting from the usage of the affected supplements,” it said.

The health authority also announced that the distributing agent has been notified to remove the two affected batches from the Abu Dhabi market, and replace them with other batches that are intact and safe for consumption.

Pharmacies in the capital have also been warned to pull the food supplements off their shelves.