podcasts episode 2
In episode 2, Hadil Diab reveals the range of factors that often trigger her migraine Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal

While migraines seem to come out of nowhere, with closer attention many sufferers may find there are some regular signs that an attack is on its way. These signs can also reveal a pattern to symptoms and help managing – or even reducing – a debilitating migraine.

This is the topic under discussion in episode 2 of Gulf News’ Mind Your Migraine vodcast series, this time hosted by Dr Taoufik Al Saadi, Chief Medical Officer and the Chair of the Neurology Department at the American Center of Psychiatry & Neurology. He chats to Hadil Diab, a busy executive who reveals her migraines are triggered by a range of factors including tiredness, changes of weather, too much computer time, and even spicy food. But she admits stress is her biggest trigger.

Dr Taoufik says this is not unusual. “The most encountered triggers from pretty much all patients are stress related,” he says “So, stress – whether it be at work, at school, or with the family – is the big factor to watch out for.”

Whatever factor causes a person’s migraine, the doctor says identifying the triggers can help patients manage and even pre-empt issues. He says communication between a patient and their doctor on this topic is key to help control pain and any unpleasant side effects. “[When] you discuss it with patients… you may find out that some of the patients are not even aware that drinking this or eating that is triggering their headaches,” explains Dr Taoufik.

To find what triggers a migraine and know how to catch it in time, listen to the full discussion which drops on June 1. Tune in wherever you listen to your podcasts, or watch the episode by visiting www.gulfnews.com/mind-your-migraine