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Burjeel, Medeor, and LLH hospitals have been leading campaigns throughout October to raise breast cancer awareness and identify undiagnosed cases. As part of the ‘Power of Pink’ campaign, these hospitals aim to offer complimentary screenings by taking a dedicated breast cancer screening van to malls and community centers across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The hospitals have partnered with several corporates, government entities and private companies for awareness and screening activities. The initiative, organized by Burjeel, Medeor, and LLH brand hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, and Sharjah, has seen active participation from the public.

World Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to stressing the importance of regular screening, supporting people diagnosed with breast cancer and educating people about breast cancer risk factors. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UAE. While breast cancer can occur at any age, it is most common in women above the age of 40 years. Some risk factors for this disease include age, genetic mutations, family history of breast and ovarian cancer, being overweight or obese, and an unhealthy lifestyle. The World Health Organization stresses the importance of early detection as treatment can be highly effective when detected early. Diagnostic tests like mammograms, breast MRI, breast ultrasound, biopsy, and clinical examinations are used to detect breast cancer.

A proactive approach

This year’s campaign, ‘The Power of Pink’, focuses on educating and making eligible women a part of breast cancer screenings. The signs and symptoms include a breast lump or thickening, a change in size, shape or appearance of a breast, and abnormal nipple discharge. It is crucial to seek immediate medical attention upon noticing these symptoms.

The Burjeel, Medeor, LLH, and Lifecare Hospitals offer comprehensive diagnostic and screening programs for early breast cancer detection. The breast cancer care team includes gynecologists, surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiation therapists, nurses, and other care team members who work together with the goal of helping patients lead healthy lives.

The team of specialists helps patients make informed decisions about treatment options by informing them about the latest advances in surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and more. Apart from cutting-edge treatments, some facilities offer targeted diagnostic testing and genetic counseling. Highly trained plastic surgeons also offer the latest breast reconstruction techniques for patients who have undergone mastectomies.

Power of pink

Under ‘The Power of Pink’ campaign, Burjeel Medical City, Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, Burjeel Day Surgery Center, and Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain, are conducting complimentary mammogram screenings across different malls in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. A mammogram truck is offering screenings at Al Wahda Mall, Khalidiyah Mall, Mushrif Mall, Forsan Central Mall, Mazyad Mall, Al Raha Mall, Madinat Zayed Mall, Barari Outlet Mall, and Al Foah Mall.

Burjeel units are also conducting comprehensive breast cancer awareness sessions and online webinars in organizations including Liwa College of Technology, Khawla Military School, ADNOC Onshore, ADNOC HQ, ADNOC SKEC, Department of Economic Development, Grace Valley School, Bareen International School, Aloft Hotel, IAT- Institute of Applied Technology, Excel School, Janen School, Smart Leaders School, Al Ain Court, UAEU, IAT – Tawam branch, and Bhavan’s School.

Burjeel Hospitals also associated with the UAE Harley Owners Group (HOG) to conduct a ride to raise awareness on breast cancer.

For appointments: Call or WhatsApp - 80023 or visit

For appointments, call or WhatsApp — 80055, or visit

Her Hope by Medeor

Medeor Hospital, Abu Dhabi, has launched the Breast Cancer Screening Program ‘Her Hope’ to advocate early detection, assist women in seeking early treatment, and instil hope for a positive outcome from treatment and live cancer-free. The program aims to raise awareness among women and educate them on the importance of early cancer detection to improve the survival rate and recovery.

As part of the program, Medeor Hospital is hosting a series of events across Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the leading women’s organizations in the Emirate, including UAE MOMS, Egyptian Ladies Association, and Jordanian Ladies Association. A medical team is visiting various corporate companies and hotels to raise awareness and encourage their female employees to undergo screening.

The hospital offers complimentary breast cancer screening to women of all ages, including doctor’s consultations, mammograms, and ultrasound scans during the campaign.

Patients can avail of the offer by calling 80055 or by visiting

The hospital also conducted Pink Walk, which saw women from different nationalities walking to raise breast cancer awareness at Al Wahda Mall.

Throughout October, LLH hospitals are conducting events at Southern Sun Hotel, Dusit Thani Hotel, and Le Royal Meridian Hotel. LLH Hospital, Abu Dhabi, also joined the Abu Dhabi Municipality’s ‘Hay Akum In Our Market’ event, raising awareness on breast cancer screening.

Keep in mind

Breast cancer awareness in October is a priority for us to educate women about the importance of early cancer screening. Early detection of cancer, especially breast cancer, which is usually without any symptoms, leads to enhancing the chances of recovery up to 90-95% compared to a cure rate of about 5-10% in advanced cases of breast cancer.

- Prof Humaid Al Shamsi, Director, Oncology Services, Burjeel Hospitals

When it comes to breast cancer risk factors, the patient’s family medical history could also matter. While most breast cancers are sporadic, certain inherited genetic mutations are linked with the disease. Women whose relatives (mother, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and nieces) had breast/ovarian cancer carry a higher risk of developing this disease.

- Dr Thanda Joshua, Specialist, Oncology, Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi

Women are encouraged to perform breast self-exams at least once a month. Women should be aware of how their breasts usually look and feel. If they notice any changes, then they should consult a doctor. It is also important to get annual mammograms after the age of 40.

- Dr Sandhya Rani, Specialist, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Burjeel Day Surgery Center, Al Reem Island

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among women worldwide. Unfortunately, more advanced-stage and younger age cancer are becoming common. Awareness surrounding breast cancer is essential as early detection, often through screening, can catch the disease when it is most treatable.

- Dr Tamer Yacoub, Consultant, General Surgery, Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain

Breast cancer can strike at any age. Younger women generally do not consider themselves to be at risk for breast cancer. Breast cancer in younger women tends to be more aggressive, so it is essential to understand the risk factors.

- Dr Mehdi Afrit, Specialist Medical Oncology & Medical Director, Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Sharjah

One of the myths regarding breast cancer is that a mammogram can cause the spread of breast cancer. This belief is incorrect, as a mammogram or X-ray of the breast helps in the early detection of breast cancer. The procedure only requires a small dose of radiation, so the risk of harm from this radiation is very low. Another myth is that breast cancer is contagious. This is not true, as breast cancer is a non-communicable disease.

- Dr Anju Bhagtan, Specialist – General & Breast Surgery, Medeor Hospital, Abu Dhabi