DUBAI: If you’re looking for a ‘Green Christmas Cheer’, then two ‘environment-friendly’ Christmas trees at Sustainable City located on Al Qudra Road maybe just the right thing.

In an attempt to keep with the goal of sustainability — residents, workers and employees of the Sustainable City stacked up 11 truck, car and bike tyres to create a three-metre high Christmas tree and another one with waste construction material.

181222 xmas tree 2
A 4.5-metre Christmas tree made of wooden cable reels will be on display this month at Dubai’s Sustainable City. Image Credit: Supplied

“Kids from the Miami Autistic centre painted the tyres using washable paint as well as made ornaments with recycled paper to decorate the tree,” said Hadeel Ahmad, communication director at Sustainable City.

The builders roped in Beitfann, a newly opened arts destination inside the community. “Earlier this month they painted our pots to look like Matryoska (Russian) dolls,” she added. A tree built out of construction wires and waste material has also been built by residents in an attempt to reuse waste.

181222 autictic centre tree
Children from Miami Autistic Centre painted the tyre tree and made ornaments with recycled paper to decorate it. Image Credit: Supplied


automobile tyres were stacked up to create a 3-metre high tree

“A lot of construction goes around in the community and we always have tons of wooden cables lying around. This year we decided to make some use of it, rather than buying a Christmas tree,” said Sireen Khalifeh, creative art director at Beitfann. “We roped in the residents as well because we wanted everyone to come together and contribute,” she added. According to her, this tree is 4.5 metres high and eight wooden reels were used in the making.

The trees were completed within a week and will be on display till the end of December 2018.