A participant checks his bird at the first Ghayathi Falcons Championship in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The First Ghayathi Falcon Championship 2024 kicked off on Saturday in Abu Dhabi.

The event, which runs until January 10, celebrates the ancient sport of falconry which is deeply ingrained in the country’s cultural and social heritage.

The championship brings together some of the most notable falconers and experts in the field, all under the patronage of the nation’s leadership.

The championship is taking place in Ghayathi, Al Dhafra Region, also features an elite group of the falcon owners and professionals.

According to organisers, the tournament promotes falconry as a sport closely linked to the cultural and social heritage of the UAE, and supports the directives of leadership regarding providing all forms of support and encouragement for supporting falconry.

The organising committee of the tournament confirmed its keenness to harness all the elements of success and bring it out in the best possible way, allocating prizes for the winners in each rounds, which are expected to witness significant participation.

The tournament includes 18 rounds, including four rounds for chick owners, which are Gear Shaheen, Gear Pure, Gear Qarmousha, and Gear Taba, in addition to four rounds for the category of owners of Gernas. The tournament also includes eight rounds for the professional category in chicks and Gernas.

The closing day will witness two rounds in the Ghayathi Cup, the Ghayathi Cup for the owners category, in which the top three in all the owners rounds participate, and the Ghayathi Cup for the professional category, in which the top three in all the professional rounds participate.

The first Ghayathi Falcons Championship, which is being held under the patronage of the Ruler’s Representative Court in Al Dhafra Region, is sponsored by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Liwa Sports Club, Abu Dhabi Falconers Club, Al Dhafra Region Municipality and Abu Dhabi Police.