A drug consignment. For representational purpose only. Image Credit: File

Dubai: The Dubai Police chief has praised the effort of an Emirati teenager who saved his friends from falling victim to drug addiction.

Lt General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-In-Chief at Dubai Police, hailed the heroic action by the 18-year-old Emirati after he contacted the force to save his friends. “The incident showed that awareness campaigns about the dangers of drugs helped educate community members. The young Emirati has a strong personality and saved two of his friends from being drug addicts,” said Lt Gen Al Marri on the occasion of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, marked on June 26.

He said the youngster was with his two friends aged 20 and 21, when one of them received a call from a delivery man asking him for his location in order to deliver a gift. “They were in the car when the 18-year-old became suspicious wondering why a representative would deliver a gift when the company he works for specialised in transporting people, not parcels. He saw strange pills inside the gifts,” said Lt Gen Al Marri in a statement.

His friends were nervous and claimed the gift wasn’t theirs and returned it to the delivery man. “The youth contacted Dubai Police to express his concern about his friends. He asked us to intervene. This youth has courage and love for his country,” added Lt Gen Al Marri.

Article 43 of the Anti-Narcotics Law spares addicts from legal punishment if they voluntarily give themselves up to the police. The law also mandates addicts to hand over drugs in possession, and receive treatment. Addicts face legal charges if they refuse to get treated.

The Hemaya International Centre carries out multiple educational programmes for youth, aiming at raising their awareness about usage of drugs.