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The area in Abu Dhabi still remains cordoned off, with security teams on site, as of this morning. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: All residents who were injured in the fire that resulted from a gas explosion in an Abu Dhabi restaurant on Monday have received the necessary medical attention, the Department of Health (DoH) confirmed today.

The DoH worked with Abu Dhabi Police and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence to ensure the injured were examined and treated as required, the authority said in a statement.

“The DoH has been [acting] in direct coordination with Abu Dhabi Police and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority and confirms that all injured cases that have resulted from a gas cylinder explosion at a restaurant in the Al Khalidiyah area in Abu Dhabi have received all necessary medical care in the emirate’s health-care facilities, which have performed all necessary medical examinations to ensure the patients’ safety and wellbeing,” DoH said in a statement.

Residents evacuated

The fire that erupted on Monday at a restaurant serving South Asian food, located in a five-storey building, resulted in the death of two residents and left 120 injured. Six buildings and shop facades were also damaged and the authorities evacuated residents from four buildings in the area to ensure public safety. These residents are being provided with hotel accommodation until the building is deemed safe for habitation.

Authorities are now working to ensure that patients under treatment are reunited with their families.

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“DoH is coordinating with the relevant embassies and the patients’ families to facilitate their visit to the patients after completion of treatment,” the DoH said. “DoH has extended its sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the two deceased and is coordinating with the relevant authorities to complete the necessary procedures,” it added.

The area still remains cordoned off, with security teams on site, as of this morning.