Visitors hang out at Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates Image Credit: Getty

Dubai: It may be 50 or so degrees C in Dubai  — but inside Ski Dubai, it's a bone-chilling minus 2C.

This is the "mountain under a roof" that opened in 2005, bringing the snow culture to where it had never existed. 

Most residents in Dubai today take this destination for granted after a visit or two. But these days, it's where droves of tourists — and some residents too  — are heading for. 

The Eid holidays brought 7,800 visitors to the slope in one day.

Now, you may even bump into members of the snow sports team, Dubai’s first-ever, comprising some of the best local and expatriate talent, ready to make their mark in the sport at the global level.

The scene inside Ski Dubai may be a familiar scene to those in the western hemisphere in winter — sipping hot chocolate in a loghouse and going up a slop on a ski lift.

Outside, it's just the beginning of the UAE summer, and the temperature is searing enough to fry an egg on your car's bonnet.

The ski slope's peak is about 85 metres high — which is like going up 25 storeys.

The more adventurous could even camp in special tents overnight at Ski Dubai.

Ski Dubai attracks 2,000 people on weekends who are looking to ski or just frolic in the snow. 


2005: The year Ski Dubai opened

Location: Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Cost to build: About $400 million  

Power consumption: In August, the hottest month, power consumption was only three per cent more than February (the coldest) 

How it makes snow: By spraying a mist of water and compressed air, not artificial snow made from resins used in other indoor ski slopes.  

Insulation: Ski Dubai uses an innovative and efficient insulation.

Roof: The roof has a first layer of insulation, then a five-metre layer of air, then a second layer of insulation. This buffer makes it quite easy to keep the place cold. 

Replenishing snow: Every night the snow is refreshed by adding between 5 and 25 tonnes, depending on the footfall. 

Tickets: You may buy through the online booking or at the gate.