Look! Sheikh Hamdan goes wreck diving in Malta
Look! Sheikh Hamdan goes wreck diving in Malta Image Credit: @faz3/Instagram

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai just took to Instagram to share a breathtaking underwater shot from Malta, an island country in the Mediterranean Sea.

In his post, the Dubai Crown Prince is seen standing atop a sunken vessel.

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Malta, which is known as a treasure trove among divers, has numerous shipwrecks across the coast. Apparently, many wrecks have also been scuttled purposely to create artificial reefs.

Malta is the biggest of the three islands of the Maltese Archipelago, which also includes Gozo and Comino islands. This archipelago sits in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, 93km south of Italy and 288km north of Africa, surrounded by warm clear waters and year-round temperate climate. Due to its central location in the Mediterranean, the small island had great strategic importance as a naval base in history. Most of the wreckage from past wars are now teeming with life, from beautiful corals to abundant, colourful fishes and other reef life.

According to xray-mag.com, and international dive magazine, there are wreck dives in Malta for all levels of recreational divers, the deep-water wreck sites are only for technical divers.

The name of the shipwreck in Fazza’s photo is not specified. According to @faz3’s caption, the surreal photograph was taken by Ali Bin Thalith, a professional documentary film photographer from Dubai.

Sheikh Hamdan who loves diving, has shared videos and pictures of his diving expeditions in the past too. A few years ago, he had gone for a tour of Cancún Underwater Museum in Mexico. Following the trip he shared a number of photos and videos next to the sculptures and the artificial reef.

His past underwater adventures also include a tour of Dubai's Deep Dive – the deepest pool in the world, holding 14 million litres of water.