Blue whale 18-metre artwork is made entirely from recyclable materials
The 18-metre artwork is made entirely from recyclable materials — 8,000 plastic bottles, 1,000 plastic bags — and serves as a powerful symbol to highlight the urgent need for sustainable practices and waste reduction. Image Credit: Supplied

  • Dubai’s only indoor rainforest brings extraordinary 18-metre recycled plastic sculpture to the steps of the biodome.
  • Open for viewing from June 5 until June 5, the massive blue whale recycled sculpture with a message seeks to inspire change in plastic consumption.

Dubai: In celebration of World Environment Day, The Green Planet — Dubai’s only indoor tropical rainforest — is partnering with GEMS Legacy School to welcome a breathtaking 18-metre blue whale recycled sculpture to the biodome this month.

The partnership aims to promote awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on our planet and is in line with The Green Planet’s commitment to raising awareness of the importance of nature conservation and educating guests on the creation of our planet.


8,000 plastic bottles, 1,000 plastic bags

As part of the GEMS Global Ambassadors’ Programme, students, and teachers at GEMS Legacy School (GLS) united their efforts to create the life-size blue whale recycled sculpture, crafted from over 8,000 plastic bottles and 1,000 plastic bags, and taking more than 800 hours to build.

The awe-inspiring artwork made entirely from recyclable materials, serves as a powerful symbol to highlight the urgent need for sustainable practices and waste reduction.

The unveiling of the blue whale recycled sculpture is taking place on June 5, World Environment Day and will be prominently displayed at The Green Planet until 30th June.

Open for public viewing, guests of The Green Planet can marvel at this remarkable artwork, gain a deeper understanding of the impact of plastic pollution, and be inspired to make positive changes in their consumption habits.

Guests have the unique opportunity to capture memorable moments in front of the whale recycled sculpture, creating lasting memories of their commitment to combating plastic pollution.

Raising awareness about plastic pollution

“We are thrilled to bring GEMS Legacy School’s colossal blue whale recycled sculpture to The Green Planet in this impactful collaboration to raise awareness about plastic pollution,” said Sara Stevens, Director of Operations and Curator at The Green Planet.

“The joint effort of students and teachers in creating the magnificent blue whale artefact using recyclable materials is a testament to the power of education and creativity in promoting sustainability. By showcasing the sculpture at The Green Planet, we aim to inspire guests to take action towards waste reduction and encourage sustainable practices in their everyday lives.”

Asha Alexander, CEO and Principal of GEMS Legacy School, said: “GEMS Education has been at the forefront of spearheading sustainable practices, driving impactful change not only within its 43 schools across the region but also through the establishment of GEMS Hub Schools for Sustainability in four countries: Italy, Indonesia, Malawi, and India.

“The collaborative effort to create the awe-inspiring blue whale artifact, ingeniously crafted from discarded plastic, involved the dedicated participation of students and teachers from multiple GEMS Education schools. Our ongoing commitment to embedding climate literacy in schools has garnered recognition, positioning us as UN CC:Learn Champions.

“As a testament to our significant contributions, the inspiring GEMS story will be proudly shared at the 60th anniversary of UNITAR at the Palais des Nations in Geneva this October.”

GLS has a long and proud record of advocating for climate change and the protection of our planet. Last year, it was named by influential education group, T4 as one of the leading ten schools in the world for environmental action.

Sustainability drive

Green Planet has also taken significant strides towards sustainability, particularly in its dining facilities. The Green Planet Café has made huge strides to work towards the elimination of all single-use plastics for guest and staff service.

Additionally, it has pioneered the first-ever eco-friendly birthday party packages in the UAE with the “Blow Bubbles, not Balloons” initiative, ensuring that all party decorations are reusable and free of single-use plastics.

Guests of biodome can also avail biodegradable bags at the retail shop, promoting sustainable shopping practices and reducing the reliance on plastic bags.