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Paul Sebestyen, Heather Harries Founder Stop and Help, Rajiv Warrier CEO Choithrams Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Emirates Loto has pledged ongoing support of a community charity drive, Stop and Help, which helps families with children living in the UAE.

It will be the first company to support the Stop and Help initiative in feeding 180,000 people, via its logistics partnership with Choithrams, which will provide grocery essentials that will feed a household for up to 7-10 days until at least the end of year.

Heather Harries, Founder of Stop and Help, said: “It is fantastic that Emirates Loto has stepped in with generous support of our drive for kindness. There are high numbers of families across the Emirates who are in need of essential grocery deliveries to simply survive the current tough times. So it is with a huge thank you to Emirates Loto for the support.”

According to Stop and Help as of 25th June 2020, there are over 3,000 families across the UAE who are in need of receiving groceries to feed themselves, and over 400 mothers who are awaiting delivery of their newborn babies before September of this year.

Every day Stop and Help receives around 170 new ‘kindness givers’ to help others via its initiative, and some continue with their support each week.

“Our commitment to support the Stop and Help initiative aligns with the Emirates Loto values that stand for helping the community and changing lives. We too believe that kindness has no economic value and that good deeds can make a huge difference to someone’s life”, said Paul Sebestyen, CEO at EWINGS, the managing operator of Emirates Loto.

He continued: “We are thankful to be able to support such a worthwhile cause during such uncertain times and we hope that our support goes a long way in enhancing the lives of many UAE families in need for the rest of 2020 and beyond.”

Stop and Help is a community initiative that matches people in need with people who can help bring kindness, in a variety of forms. Its mission is to help to bring equality of opportunity for all children in the UAE, advocacy and support for mental health through education and access to medical care, help for pregnant women and their children and to enable access to vaccinations, education and the opportunity to return to home countries when needed.

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