Disha Baldawa, left, and Anumita Anand, during the result of the ICSE at the GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai. Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

Dubai: Hitting the books hard for months paid off for hundreds of UAE students as they received their results for ICSE grade 10 and ISC grade 12 exams in the Indian curriculum on Tuesday.

The ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and ISC (Indian Secondary Certificate) are held by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

On Tuesday, Dubai schools whose students sat the exams shared strong results. Krish Nair from Ambassador School Dubai obtained 99.25 per cent in ISC. Krish said he studied hard throughout the school year, not just before the exams. “When I saw the end result, I was filled with disbelief. It was an ecstatic experience to see my results. There’s no secret to it, you have to put in your best effort. The basic thing to keep in mind is ‘don’t take too much stress’. Your hard work will always pay off,” he added.

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Krish Nair from Ambassador School Dubai, who scored 99.25 per cent in ISC, with his mother Raji Nair after the results. Image Credit: Supplied

Krish plans to study aeronautical engineering at a college in London.

The school average at Ambassador was a record high of 85.59 per cent. School principal Sheela Menon said: “It’s celebration time at Ambassador School! The astounding success is the culmination of the relentless hard work of our students, untiring efforts of the dedicated teachers and unflinching support of our parents.”

The school topper for ICSE is Malka Rani, with 97.6 per cent. Malka said: “Result day is the most anticipated moment in a student’s life. I am speechless and humbled by the outcome and want to express my sincerest gratitude to the teachers and my parents for this incredible success because just two days before my final examination, I was afflicted with chickenpox. I felt totally drained emotionally and physically, but the moral support that my school and family offered made all the difference.”

At JSS International School in Dubai, Harsh Doddannavar was the overall school topper, earning 99.25 per cent in ISC. For ICSE at the school, Bhavik Kamlesh Goplani obtained the highest percentage of 97.8.

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Students of Ambassador School Dubai celebrate their ISC results. The school average was a record high 85.59 per cent. Image Credit: Ambassador School

The school average was 86.3 per cent (2.7 per cent more than last year). All its 54 students who sat ISC, and the 67 students who took ICSE, passed. School principal Lata Nakra said: “We are breaking our own records and exceeding our targets, which is commendable and encouraging … All this has been possible due to the effective collaboration between the teacher, student and parents …”

At GEMS Modern Academy, 144 students appeared for ISC, with a batch average of 86.5 per cent and 47.92 per cent of students scoring above 90 per cent.

Vaishvi Seth topped Modern Academy with an average of 98.5 per cent. She said she was not expecting to do this well, anticipating to earn “somewhere around 96 per cent”.

Vaishvi, who is considering to study economics and maths at a London college, added: “I wanted to do really well. I put in endless hours of study — late-nighters, all-nighters — and lots and lots of coffee!

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Dr Kshama Lal congratulate Anusree Mittal, during the result of the ICSE at the GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai. Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche

“You have to put in all you’ve got, otherwise there’s no way to finish everything. My advice is don’t panic and stay focused. You’ve got this, everyone can get the same results.”

Nargish Khambatta, principal and CEO of GEMS Modern Academy, and Vice-President — Education of GEMS Education, said: “While we are very pleased with our toppers and the outstanding results our students and teachers have once again achieved, I’d like to acknowledge every single student’s effort. With so much emphasis on achievement, we forget to acknowledge and applaud the effort put in by the few who haven’t made it to the 90s club. At Modern, my team cares about our students’ well-being as much as their academic achievement. We truly are proud of every one of them. Hearty congratulations to our students, parents and teachers — the strong bond we share as a community nurtures excellence.”

2 students score 100 per cent marks

New Delhi: Girls outshone boys in the ICSE Class 10 and 12 examination, with two students scoring 100 per cent marks.

This is the first time that students have scored 100 per cent marks in the ISC exam.

The results of the ICSE class 10 and ISC class 12 were announced on Tuesday by Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) chief executive and secretary Gerry Arathoon.

NAT_190507_RESULT ICSE_Antonin-6-1557239231253
From left: Varun Parekh, Aaryan Srivastav, SaiPranav Ramnath and Nayaab Singh, during the result of the ICSE at the GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai. Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

While girls achieved a pass percentage of 99.05 per cent in class 10 examination as against 98.12 per cent by boys, the pass percentage achieved by girls in class 12 examination is 97.84 per cent as against 95.40 per cent of boys.

Mumbai’s Juhi Rupesh Kajaria and Muktsar’s Manhar Bansal topped the class 10 ICSE examination with 99.60 per cent. The second rank has been shared by ten students with 99.40 per cent marks and the third rank has been shared by 24 students with 99.20 per cent marks.

Kolkata’s Dewang Kumar Agarwal and Bengaluru’s Vibha Swaminathan topped the class 12 ISC examination with 100 per cent marks. The second rank has been shared by 16 students with 99.75 per cent and the third rank has been shared by 36 students with 99.50 per cent marks.