Large number of parents turned up for the annual Global Education Expo in Dubai last year. File photo Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dozens of international universities are participating in the annual Global Education Expo starting in Dubai from January 28.

Senior faculty members from educational institutions offering wide range of courses especially medical, engineering and AI attend the expo to directly interact with students and parents.

“Students will have good opportunity to have in-depth information the courses for their higher education as we are bringing to the expo some of the best universities offering medicine, engineering and IT courses in the world,” said Dr Yousuf Qadri, CEO of the Qadri International, organiser of the Global Education Expo 2024 in UAE.

He said the event aims to provide opportunities for students looking for affordable higher education options.

Scheduled to take place in Dubai on January 28, Al Ain on January 30 and in Abu Dhabi on February 2, the annual event has become a cornerstone for those aspiring to pursue their academic dreams abroad.

“This expo provides a platform for face-to-face interaction with deans, vice-deans and other university officials. Attendees gain invaluable insights into various programs, admission requirements, eligibility criteria, student life, tuition fees, up to 100% scholarship opportunities and much more,” Dr Qadri added.

This year’s expo brings together reputable universities from various countries including Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Georgia, Caribbean, UK, Poland and many more.