The rugged Hatta region of Dubai emirate, seen here in a file photo, is one of many destinations highlighted in guide Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Dubai: A new interactive #DubaiDestinations guide issued today by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), invites residents and travellers to explore the city’s beautiful outdoors with its extensive Picnic and Camping Guide.

The Ultimate Picnic and Camping Guide lists a range of Dubai’s outdoor destinations and sites, offering tips for barbecuing, camping, and making the most of the beautiful winter weather. It includes a checklist of the essential items and equipment to carry when camping on your own. The guide lists online platforms for buying or renting camp gear and picnic kits and a list of Dubai’s best homegrown businesses offering ready-to-use picnic and camping F&B kits.

Diverse destinations

The camping destinations in the guide include Hatta, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and deserts across the city, such as Al Qudra, Al Awir, Al Ruwayaah, and the Half Desert Road. The guide’s picnic spots include beach and pond parks, lakes, natural escapes, scenic rest areas, mountaintop picnic spots and beach and desert locations. The public and private destinations listed in the guide represent Dubai’s vast diversity of outdoor offerings that define its unique destination experience and make it the best city for living. The areas featured in the guide include Dubai Creek Park, Al Barari Nature Escape, Wadi Hatta Park, Al Marmoom Lakes, Safa Park, Leem Rest Area, Jumeirah Beach, Al Khazzan Park and many more.

The guide also lists companies organising picnics. In addition, it lists businesses that help set up camping tents, camper vans, and even outdoor cinemas for groups of all sizes and budgets.

Fatma Al Mulla, City Branding Executive, Brand Dubai, said: “Our interactive winter guide, ‘Dubai: The Ultimate Picnic and Camping Guide’, released as part of the latest #DubaiDestinations campaign, enables both residents and travellers to discover the city’s picturesque outdoor destinations, including landscaped gardens, lakes, beachfront destinations with cafés, and hilltop camping and picnic spots to suit every preference. Our guide covers all aspects of camping and picnicking in Dubai, including locations, companies offering set-up support, digital platforms for buying or renting camping and picnic gear, and Dubai’s homegrown businesses offering F&B kits.”

She added: “It really is the ultimate guide for those interested in exploring the outdoors, including desert campsites that offer various activities, beach camps, trekking trails, parks and gardens. We have designed the guide to help families and people of all age groups explore the city and make the most of its outdoors. The latest guide allows residents and visitors the best time during this amazing season.”

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Winter tourism

The guide is part of the latest phase of the Dubai Media Council’s #DubaiDestinations winter campaign, which returns this year to showcase the attractions and experiences that make the emirate a top pick among global destinations in the cooler months of the year.

The collaborative campaign, implemented by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the GDMO, highlights various activities and experiences that people can enjoy amidst the beautiful winter weather. This season, Dubai offers residents and visitors amazing adventure, entertainment, food, art, culture, sports and fitness experiences.

The campaign tells the story of Dubai’s emergence as one of the world’s best winter destinations and features engaging content from diverse stakeholders.

Al Mulla thanked the media, content creators, and social media influencers who continue to support the campaign by contributing their unique stories and creative content about Dubai’s attractiveness as a must-visit destination. She also thanked the homegrown businesses in the ‘Proudly from Dubai’ network for their exceptional products and services.

Running until February 2023, the latest campaign of the #DubaiDestinations initiative encourages residents and visitors to discover Dubai’s diverse leisure, dining, adventure and family-friendly activities that make the city a distinctive winter destination.

The #DubaiDestinations campaign is being rolled out over digital, broadcast, print and outdoor media to ensure it reaches large sections of local and international audiences. Brand Dubai is implementing the #DubaiDestinations campaign with various stakeholders and the creative media community.