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A team consisting of 34 personnel from Dubai Police of various specialisations had participated in the rescue operations in Syria earlier this year. Image Credit: Gulf News File

Dubai: In the dynamic realm of emergency response, the dedicated members of the Dubai Police rescue team have exemplified unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives. Across a multitude of incidents, these skilled professionals have consistently demonstrated their readiness to rescue both humans and animals.

Responding to thousands of calls of duty, the Dubai Police rescue team has been a beacon of hope in various situations. Their prompt and efficient interventions extend beyond conventional emergencies, encompassing domestic accidents that involve vulnerable individuals, including children. Instances such as rescuing kids trapped in cars, elevators, and homes underscore the diverse and vital role played by the Dubai Police rescue team in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community they serve.

Dubai Police rescue team members have responded to thousands of calls of duty.

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Colonel Abdullah Mohammed Bishouh: This 2023, the team of rescuers responded to two major fires where 42 injured victims had been rescued.

So far this year, from January to November 27, Dubai’s search-and-rescue teams have responded to 3,520 incidents. The accidents included vehicular accidents, fires, rescues from cars, residences and broken elevator door, rescuing vehicles and motocycles stuck in the sand -- as well as search-and-rescue operations following natural disasters abroad.

Time is of the essence

In an exclusive interview with Gulf News,   Head of Land Rescue Section at the General Directorate of Transport and Rescue in Dubai Police said “We’ve managed to cut down the average response time for emergencies to 6.5 minutes from a target of 6.8 for 2023,”

“These specialised team members are a consistent presence in all rescue operations and incidents of every kind. Our intervention was critical. We receive camera footage, verify the number of victims, and rescue them.”

Col. Bishouh said that team members responding to land accidents of all kinds wearing highly efficient body cameras, in order to transfer what is happening in real time to the operations room and to the duty manager, to ensure the highest rates of safe rapid intervention, document all rescue operations and use them in training later.

Saving trapped cat
In a daring mission showcasing Dubai Police’s unwavering commitment to every life, a dramatic rescue unfolded when a cat found itself ensnared in an iron pipe. The fateful call for help came on November 21 at 1:17 pm, as a vigilant resident witnessed the trapped feline and swiftly dialed emergency services.

Responding with unparalleled professionalism and employing cutting-edge tools, the rescue team executed a meticulous plan to liberate the distressed cat from its metallic confines.

A senior police officer emphasised the operation’s adherence to the principle of animal kindness, underscoring Dubai Police’s dedication to every life, no matter how small.
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rescue 3-1702021651007
Specialised cutting tool was used to free up the cat from metal ring around its neck.
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This also helps avoid any errors and ensures these operations are carried out with great efficiency, especially since this matter requires accuracy in rescuing the injured in the presence of ambulance paramedics.

Taking extra care also helps prevent any serious complications in the lives of the people. All members of the rescue team are trained to handle all types of accidents, and according to the highest international standards, including in handling modern equipment.

Colonel Bishouh also shared the gravity of an operations: this year, the team of rescuers responded to two major fires where 42 injured victims had been rescued.

Rescue operationss beyond borders

The force’s work has also extended beyond the UAE, with missions in earthquake-hit Turkey, Syria and Morocco, as well as flood-stricken Libya.

There was a mixture of sorrow while retrieving the bodies of victims, especially children, and the joy of saving others.

Earthquake mission in Turkey

An magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in southern Turkey at 01:17 AM UTC on February 6, 2023 with itsepicenter in an area west of the city of Gaziantep.

The rescue team recovered bodies reaching approximately 3,273, and the number of injured who were recovered reached approximately 13,325. A team consisting of 34 personnel from Dubai Police of various specialisations had participated in the rescue operations.

Earthquake mission in Morocco

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale struck on September 8, 2023 at 22:11 UTC in the Al Haouz province region in the Morocco’s Marrakesh-Safi region. It’s called the Al Haouz earthquake (the Marrakesh earthquake, or the Ighil earthquake), which led to deaths.

The number of victims recovered by Dubai police rescue team was 2,862 bodies, as it participated in rescue and relief operations, A number of 45 personnel from Dubai Police of various specialisations had participated in the search rescue operations.


  • Failure (of caller) to accurately describe the scene
  • Unclear location of the accident by the caller (person reporting the incident)
  • Traffic jams
  • Failure to give way to emergency vehicles due to confusion.

Future plans

Increase the number of external rescue points

Increase equipment

Adaopt eco-friendly trends Specialised courses

11 existing rescue points

  • Administration rescue point on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road
  • Deira rescue point
  • Bur Dubai rescue point
  • Dubai Police Academy Rescue Point
  • Jebel Ali Center Rescue Point
  • Al Barsha Center Rescue Point
  • Expo Rescue Point
  • Al Lisaili Rescue Point
  • Lahbab police station rescue point
  • Hatta Center Rescue Point
  • Al Khawaneej Center Rescue Point