190910 e scooter
The campaign launched by Dubai's Hatta Police Station was aimed at familiarising e-scooter riders with traffic laws and regulations. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Hatta Police Station recently conducted a safety awareness campaign for e-scooter riders within the jurisdiction of the police station.

Colonel Abdullah Rashid Al Hafeet, Acting Director of Hatta Police Station, explained that the campaign aimed to familiarise e-scooter riders with traffic laws and regulations, ways to protect the lives of other road users and reduce accidents.

He stressed that the security and safety conditions that e-scooter riders must adhere to include: Wearing a helmet, especially when riding near highways, wearing a jacket made of reflective material, installing bright white light in front and red light reflectors at the rear of the e-scooters.

“The e-scooter must be parked only at designated places and must not be left in places that can trigger traffic bottlenecks. Riders must ride cautiously and avoid posing any risk to other road users”, Col Al Hafeet added.

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Captain Ghadaer Mohammed bin Suroor, Head of the Traffic Registration Department, stressed the importance of maintaining sufficient distance between other vehicles and pedestrians.

He pointed out that Hatta Police Station recorded only one incident of injury to an e-scooter rider within the jurisdiction of the police station, after a vehicle collided with the rider at night. “The driver couldn’t notice the e-scooter rider because he was wearing black clothing and riding a black e-scooter,” he informed.