Cyber blackmail
Dubai Police say that cyber blackmailing cases are handled confidentially. Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: Dubai Police have once again urged residents to report cyber blackmail cases without any hesitation because such causes are handled confidentially.

“Dubai Police handle cyber blackmail reports confidentially. Don’t be a victim, and report any threat now,” Dubai Police said on its official twitter handle on Thursday. Police have been repeatedly reminding people to encourage them to report cybercrimes.

In the latest tweet, police have ensured people that their cases would be in handled confidentially and that they do not need to be afraid of reporting such cases.

In an earlier statement, police have advised residents to report online fruad using the hassle free e-Crime platform without the need to visit a police station.

This Self-Service (e-crime portal) allows the public to record a complaint regarding cybercrimes. To facilitate the procedures, complainants are required to fill out the form.

“This service is specific to crimes happened within the geographical scope of Dubai city,” Dubai Police said in an earlier tweet.

The most common cybercrime issues that should be reported on e-Crime platform include: cyber extortion, online hacking, Internet fraud and online identity theft.

Police said that any hesitation on their part to report such crimes will only encourages scamsters to target more victims.

How to report cycber crime


Answer the question: ‘Is the report submitted related to the internet or cyberspace? (Email, social media, internet calls, cybercrime, hacking, blackmail)’

Choose the complaint type: Personal, private entity, local government entity or federal entity

Submit your Emirates ID electronically

Submit your address, mobile number and email ID

The platform will text you a verification code to your mobile phone, which you then enter on the platform

Enter the complaint details and submit