Visits to inmates under treatment at hospital were among the outreach programmes Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Coinciding with the GCC Inmates Week celebrations across the Gulf, the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments at Dubai Police has organised a series of initiatives for female and male inmates and their families.

Brigadier Marwan Abdul Karim Julfar, director of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments, said: “During this annual celebration, and per the directives from the Ministry of Interior Affairs, we wanted to acknowledge the importance of providing humanitarian support and give inmates hope of a new beginning ahead,” he continued.

Visit to families

Colonel Jamila Al Zaabi, director of Women’s Prison and chairperson of the Events and Initiatives Committee at the Correctional Establishments, said this year’s celebration also aims to strengthen social solidarity by visiting the inmates’ families, guiding them on any issues they encounter when communicating with their relatives and helping them overcome any technical problems during virtual visits.

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She added that their teams expressed solidarity with an inmate who had lost his father and paid a visit to a hospitalised inmate to inquire about his health. “We also celebrated the engagement of a hospitalised inmate’s daughter in the presence of his mother and sister,” Col Jamila said.