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Debts worth over Dh1 million of 12 inmates in Sharjah were cleared. Image Credit: For illustrative purposes only

Sharjah: The Sharjah Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishments has paid Dh1.04 million to settle the debts of 12 prisoners in Sharjah.

The initiative, which is part of activities of the Unified Gulf Inmate Week for the year 2022, carried out in cooperation with Sharjah Charity Association, aims to release prisoners detained for financial reasons.

A package of various community and sports activities was planned for inmates, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of inmates, rehabilitating and integrating them into society after they have served their sentences.

The event was attended by Brigadier Ahmad Shuhail, Director-General of Sharjah Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishments, Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Al Ghazal, Head of the Correction and Rehabilitation Department, Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Al Ketbi, Head of the Inmates Affairs Department, and a number of leadership partners, represented by the Sharjah Charity Association, the Research Centre for Dental Implants, Al Thiqa Club for the Disabled and representatives of nursery Dar Al Aman of the Department of Social Services.

The events included providing an opportunity for prisoners to communicate electronically with their families, organising breakfast for prisoners throughout the days of the event, holding an open sports day that included many recreational games, including a friendly football match between the institution’s prisoners’ team and the Al Thiqa Club for the Disabled and a cycling competition.

On this occasion, Brigadier Shuhail revealed that the debts of 12 inmates amounting to Dh1.04 million had been cleared with the help of Sharjah Charity Association and philanthropists.

At the closing ceremony, the cooperating and participating agencies and the families of inmates under the Sanad Programme for Economic Empowerment of Inmates’ Families were honoured.

Brigadier Shuhail hailed Sharjah Charity Association’s support.

“The Sharjah Charity Association spares no effort in supporting the centre’s goals in achieving its mission in the reform and rehabilitation of inmates,” said Shuhail.

He added that the association on humanitarian grounds takes care of the needs of the inmates in accordance with the policies adopted by the Ministry of Interior, which are in line with international laws related to human rights.