Dubai Two men were jailed for six months each for having consensual sex in a public toilet at Al Ghubaiba bus station.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court jailed the two Indian men, H.T., a worker, and S.S., a clerk, after they confessed to having indulged in the act. A Bangladeshi cleaner was a witness.

Prosecutors said the defendants, both aged 37, undressed each other in a toilet cabin and indulged in consensual sex. H.T. was also charged with consuming liquor.

"H.T. will spend an additional month in jail. The two accused will be deported following completion of their jail terms," presiding judge Rifaat Mahmoud Tolba said.

Peeping cleaners

The clerk told prosecutors that he was very pleased and more than willing to have consensual sex with H.T., when the latter asked him to do so at the toilet's entrance. "I was heading to the loo. H.T. came to me and it was the first time I ever saw him. He asked me if I would be interested in having sex with him. We had sex. Suddenly we realised that two cleaners were peeping at us from over the cabin's door. When they asked us to stop what we were doing and come out, we did… then police came and arrested us," S.S. told the prosecution.

H.T. confirmed his partner's statement: "I had beer at my friend's house. Then I left the place and walked till Al Ghubaiba bus station. I bumped into S.S. when I went to use the toilet. We agreed to have sex inside one of the cabins. Police arrested us shortly after some cleaners spotted us in the cabin."

Police records said a Bangladeshi cleaner had reported the act to Dubai Police's operation room. A police patrol arrived at the scene.

According to primary interrogations, the two men pleaded guilty.