Dubai: A computer teacher is being investigated by Dubai Public Prosecution after he allegedly asked a female student to send him nude pictures of her through WhatsApp.

Official at Public Prosecution said the 46-year-old Filipino teacher identified as A.E works at a private school in Deira.

The 11-year-old Arab girl has been identified as L.Y, a student of Grade 6. Her schoolteachers noticed changes in her behaviour and she told her classmates and teachers that she will commit suicide.

According to the girl’s 43-year-old mother, the school contacted her in May about the mental condition of the girl and the changes in her behaviour.

“I started monitoring my daughter and noticed she was under some kind of pressure and always complained about pain in her body. Finally on July 5, we discovered that her computer teacher was contacting her on her WhatsApp after school hours and sending inappropriate messages and posts,” the mother told investigators.

The teacher asked the girl to take pictures of her private parts and send to him via WhatsApp.

The family then contacted the principal of the school who provided a passport copy of the suspect to help the family lodge a complaint with Al Ghusais police station.

The mother said they are not sure of physical molestation but they are sure of verbal harassment because of the WhatsApp messages.

The student was interviewed by experts in a special room for children at Al Ghusais police station.

Later, the teacher was arrested by the police and he admitted during interrogation that he encouraged the student to send him nude pictures of her.

The suspect said that he gave his phone number to his students to discuss the matters regarding a project and the said student was also contacting him on WhatsApp because of the project.

Dubai Public Prosecution told Gulf News that they are still investigating the incident and collecting evidence.