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Sharjah Police have introduced ‘Visual Inference Team’ in order to facilitate collection of inferences for criminal reports filed with the police. Image Credit: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: The General Command of Sharjah Police, represented by the Kalba Comprehensive Police Station, formed the ‘Visual Inference Team’ in order to facilitate collection of inferences for criminal reports filed with the police.

Major General Saif Al Ziri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, stressed the importance of forming such teams in order to implement and complete the tasks in a professional and smooth manner

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In view of the current pandemic, Sharjah Police decided to form a team to ensure smooth clearance of criminal reports, to act as a smart investigator, and to serve the Criminal Investigation Branch at Kalba Comprehensive Police Station by applying the highest standards of occupational health and safety, in order to ensure continuity of work and avoid any procedural delay in the filing of criminal reports.

Providing the best services to customers

Major General Al Shamsi praised the efforts of the members of the Visual Inference Team in the discharge of their duties, in a way that reflects the UAE leadership’s keenness to provide the best services to customers and to achieve the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Interior.

Major Fahd Al Lughai, head of the Visual Inference Team at Sharjah Police, explained that the work of the team includes tasks from taking down statements for all the parties to filing of reports on minor criminal cases and implementation of procedures, including bail, waivers, pledges and inspections through an electronic visual programme. This helps save cost, time and effort.

Available electronic platform

He pointed out that under the current system, the process of completing the filing of simple reports goes through several simple steps that allow the client to provide information through the available electronic platform.

He further explained that the steps begin with the receipt of a report on a minor criminal case, filed through the smart application of the Ministry of Interior, which is called ‘Police station in your phone’. This application of the Ministry of Interior is available on smart phones. After that, the investigator specialised in criminal communications, receives the report and communicates with the person concerned by asking a number of questions. The third step involves analysing the criminal report and knowing all the parties concerned. The parties are then contacted through the virtual programme and the investigator processes the report and classifies it — either by closing the report or by sending it to the next competent authority after verifying its authenticity.

Major Al Lughai explained that the ‘Police station in your phone’ service aims to relieve community members from the trouble of having to physically visit a police station to file a criminal report.