A public awareness poster shared by Abu Dhabi Police on their social media channels on Sunday Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police today warned of new ways used by fraudsters to make calls and send text messages and links of fake websites pretending to belong to government institutions or well-known companies.

The force also warned against fraudulent sites bearing the names of famous restaurants and shops, presenting “special offers” to the public in exchange for paying fees, through which the victim’s balance is withdrawn after completing the payment process from the credit card on the fake website.

The police called on the public not to deal with fake electronic advertisements that offer “pets for sale” or adoption in exchange for bearing the costs of “shipping and insurance” from outside the country. These scams are advertised on social networking sites, and on smart phones apps dealing with buying and selling.

The victims are asked to send money to bank accounts - opened for the purpose of theft and fraud - or transfer money through local and international exchange companies licensed in the country.

On it’s website, Abu Dhabi Police also warned job seekers against fake employment offers online, which ask “processing fees”, while mimicking the websites and social media accounts of real companies.

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Confidential information

Officials urged members of the public not to share their confidential information with anyone, such as one-time passwords for online banking services, ATM personal identification numbers, or the security number (CCV) on bank cards. Bank employees never ask customers for this information, the police pointed out.

Abu Dhabi Police called on the public to visit the nearest police station and report any calls they receive from unknown persons asking them to update their banking data, or by calling Aman service on 8002626, or by sending a text message 2828.