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Dubai: The summer vacation is creeping around the corner, and the check-list of chores seem to be never ending as the big day approaches.

But have you remembered to keep your home burglar proof while away on holiday?

Dubai Police are cautioning residents to take a few extra precautions before travelling abroad, as the vulnerability of an empty home makes it the perfect target for burglars.

Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said: “Thieves usually jump over the homes’ fences, break the doors and then steal money and jewellery. For apartments, thieves usually ensure there is no one in the house before breaking the locks and stealing.”

But there are a few simple ways to keep your home from becoming easy prey with these few simple tips – without blowing the budget.

Residents can also log on to the Dubai Police website or visit their nearest police station to register for the home safety programme. They are also required to inform police about their travel plans and provide an emergency phone number.

Once police receive the application request, the house will be put under surveillance during the vacation period. Police patrols from the Anti-Crime Department will monitor the houses of those registered in the programme.


According to statistics previously reported in Gulf News, Dubai Police received 289 reports of house burglaries in 2015, a significant decline from 333 in 2014.

Of the 289 reports, police were able to identify the suspects responsible for 203 of the break-ins.

In 2014, there were a total of 333 home burglaries, about a four per cent increase from 321 in 2013. Of the 333 robberies, 197 were in villas, 14 were in traditional houses, and 122 were in apartments.