The 8.9kg of marijuana seized by Dubai Customs officials at Dubai Airport. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Asian passenger tried to smuggle marijuana through Dubai International Airport by grinding it and concealing it as “henna” in his bags. However, Dubai Customs officers got the better of him.

The confiscated narcotics, along with the passenger, were handed over to the General Directorate of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police.

Dubai Customs inspectors grew suspicious of a bag passing through inspection devices for a flight from an Asian country. Images revealed unusual density inside the bag, prompting the Airport Passenger Operations Department to monitor both the bag and the passenger. A manual search of the passenger, who displayed signs of confusion, revealed he was carrying 8.9kg of marijuana.

Ibrahim Al-Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs, emphasised the crucial role of Dubai Customs as a deterrent against smuggling through its various customs outlets. The primary focus is on preventing the smuggling of harmful substances, especially drugs. The growing number of passengers coming into Dubai necessitates heightened vigilance to protect the community from the smuggling of prohibited substances.