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Abu Dhabi: Indian pop singer Mika Singh was released on December 18 by the Public Prosecution under certain guarantees to continue his life, works and concerts around the world, the singer’s law firm told Gulf News.

An Abu Dhabi law firm hired by the singer has been pursuing his case and it termed its client “innocent” until he is proved guilty.


The singer was arrested in the UAE on December 6 night on charges of sending inappropriate pictures to a girl.

The same night at 11.30pm he was released but then on the evening of December 7, he was taken back into police custody in Abu Dhabi.

Although Singh was arrested in Dubai, the police took him to Abu Dhabi as the complainant was holding a UAE visa issued in Abu Dhabi.

A 17-year-old Brazilian model allegedly lodged a complaint about Singh sending her inappropriate pictures.

Speaking to Gulf News, Ali Ghuma, Managing Partner, Bin Nakhira and Partners law firm in Abu Dhabi, said: “In fact, my client didn’t commit any major crime, that is why, he was released to continue his life and works.”

In fact, he was losing lots of money due to his booked concerts around the world, he added.

The case is still under the investigation by the Public Prosecution.

“The Public Prosecution took certain guarantees from my client, Mikha Singh, to come back whenever the judicial department requires him in Abu Dhabi and released him to continue him life, works and conduct his concerts,” Ghuma said.

He travelled to India on December 18, the lawyer said.

“My client is a famous pop singer and everybody wants to get closer with him for publicity and at some point people start blackmailing when they can’t get away with their tricks.”

That Brazilian girl also tried to exhort some money from my client but later she failed to do so and resorted to the police station, Ghuma said.

Even the matter is being investigated at the Public Prosecution and still she tries to exploit some money through the court, he said.

“My client’s case is still under the investigations of the Public Prosecution and he was permitted to go home under certain guarantees to the prosecution of Abu Dhabi that he would come back whenever the court hearings need him,” Ghuma said.

The Brazilian teenager accused Singh of sending her indecent pictures along with promising her a job in a Bollywood film.

The singer had come to the UAE to perform at a Bollywood awards ceremony followed by a performance at a private party, sources said.

So far, no dates for court trials have been fixed.