Bollywood singer Mika Singh
Bollywood singer Mika Singh performs on stage at the Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheater during the IIFA Magic of the Movies show on the third day of the 15th International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards in Tampa, Florida, April 25, 2014. Image Credit: AFP

Indian pop singer Mika Singh, who was arrested in the UAE on Thursday for sending lewd pictures to a 17-year-old Brazilian teenager, isn’t new to sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour towards women.

The flamboyant singer and brother of the relatively sedate sibling Daler Mehendi has found himself on the wrong side of the law several times in his career. tabloid! takes a look at his torrid past that’s peppered with violent outbursts and charges of molestation.

The singer has always managed to remain unaffected by his brazen behaviour claiming that the women who accuse of sexual misconduct are publicity hungry.

Last year, he also hit the headlines for supporting rapist Gurmeet Ram Rahim who is now serving his 20-year prison sentence.

"My best wishes to Gurmeet Ram Rahim bhaaji. I hope the court will make the right decision. The greatest thing is he went on time." tweeted Singh.

The Gandhi Gandhi Baat singer was immediately lambasted for his insensitive tweet with singers such as Sona Mahapatra calling out the singer in public for his obnoxious friend circle.

2006: Rakhi Sawant incident

What: Singer Mika Singh attempted to kiss Bollywood’s scandal-hungry starlet Rakhi Sawant at his birthday bash while cutting the cake. Before the #Metoo movement began, an India-wide controversy erupted more than a decade ago when this bhangra pop singer faced criminal charges for trying to kiss Sawant, known for her item songs, forcibly. A video showing Singh indulging in a sexually obscene behaviour did the rounds back then. The singer was then charged with assault, molestation and intimidation of witnesses and forced to pay Rs20,000 rupees in bail.

While Sawant and Singh have made up since, the incident triggered debates about what constitutes consent in India. The singer also indulged in shaming Sawant for inviting the kiss as she wore skimpy clothes.

2016: Priyanka Kumar accuses him of molestation

What: Model Priyanka Kumar filed a case in Mumbai’s Versova police station charging the singer of molestation. But Singh lashed back with a flurry of charges claiming that the woman was blackmailing him and trying to extort money from the bhangra pop singer. He claimed he had never met the woman before in his life.

According to his statement that was released at that time: ““Today [Tuesday] morning at around 5am, one girl barged into my premises by entering through window and started abusing me and assaulting me and my staff and started threatening if I don’t pay her Rs50 million, she will ruin my career and register a false case against me. I have already informed Versova police in writing regarding the threats and extortion.”

 2016: Violet outburst

What: The singer is known for his violent outbursts and anger-management issues. A doctor filed a complaint against the singer alleging that Singh slapped him at a concert in Delhi. The singer was charged with wrongful restraint and voluntarily causing hurt. Singh was later released on bail and tweeted his relief.

“I am grateful to the Honbl’e court for granting me bail today. I am a law abiding citizen and always be one,” Singh tweeted later.