Dubai:Police have rescued a 15 year old girl, forced into prostituion, and arrested a human trafficking gang, Gulf News has learnt.

The girl was saved by the Department of Criminal Investigation at Dubai Police (CID).

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director General of the CID, revealed the six gang members traffic girls from their home countries for prostitution.

He said that the gang would offer the girls’ parents large sums of money and give them false promises that their girls would have good jobs in Dubai.

The case of the 15 year old victim, Al Mansouri said, was the same.

She came from a poor family and hoped for a better future.

The victim came to the UAE at the end of July and was forced to sleep with men for money.

Al mansouri said the girl refused to do as she was ordered, but she was beaten and humiliated by the gang until she accepted.

He also told Gulf News that the gang leader, F.M.M., changed the victim’s age to 22 on official documents and got her a fake passport to get her into the UAE.

Colonel Salem Khalifa Al Rumaithi, Deputy CID Director for Investigation and Search said the human trafficking department was able to uncover the victim had been conned and given false promises of a job in the UAE.

A plan was devised to save her and use her to arrest the gang.

Al Rumaithi said that the human trafficking department was able to track down the victim in August, as she was going back to where she stayed from one of the “assignments” she was forced into.

An anti-trafficking team was formed, and using the information the victim provided them, they created a scheme to catch the gang.

A policeman, Al Rumaithi explained, posed as a potential customer, and asked to take the victim for three days, for a lucrative sum.

After several calls between the policeman and F.M.M, which were conducted through a third party, F.M.M. agreed to the offer on the condition that the money was paid in advance.

A date and time was set for the cash delivery - F.M.M received the money and was caught red-handed in Deira with the money.

Colonel Abdul Rahim Mohammad Bin Shafee, Director of the Anti-Organised Crime Department at the CID, said the department continued its investigations until they were able to find the other members of the gang.

F.M.M. confessed that her place of residence, was where all the prostitution and trafficking activities were managed.

When the police raided the place, they found two men, who were part of the gang and a prostitute.

A search of the place resulted in finding the victim’s and gang’s passports, money transfer receipts, a ledger where money made from prostitution was recorded and money in various currencies.

Sahfee said that two men, who were part of the same gang, were arrested early this September.

One of the men ran a prostitution operation in another Emirate and the other was an illegal resident and was wanted for stealing.